Sunday, May 7, 2023




I'm still not ready to write about Zeus. This is our beloved Bulmastiff-Rottweiler who passed away on the last day of winter, March 19th of this year. You can see by this picture, the bones in his face are quite visible. He had lymphoma. We worked with his oncologist to extend remissions until he no longer responded to treatment. He was a light in our lives and was by our family's side through the highs and the lows. As Zeus's hospice caregiver, he taught me so much. I miss him deeply. Someday, I'll write more about him...for now, I believe he is healthy and whole once more. Love you, buddy.

Saturday, April 29, 2023




    If  you want to learn how to do something, need help in algebra or want to take up meditation, the list goes on and on - just YouTube it! There is almost no excuse for failing algebra if you have access to a computer or smart phone. You can literally plug in a problem and instructions on how to solve it will come up in the search results. It's like having a personal tutor

    My son is a scientist, he has no background in carpentry, plumbing or lighting. Youtube is helping him fix up an older home he bought and is living in. He YouTubes everything! He is also having an ADU built on his property and I guarantee, YouTube will be his best friend during this process. 

    Several years ago, I took a college algebra class and Youtube got me through some tough homework. An instructor actually takes you through a similar problem with the same process.  Math is all about the process. My YouTube account has many saved channels: art, music, sewing, tennis, yoga, mediation and inspiration. All of them are how to channels.

    My 19 year old enjoys researching different topics and teaches himself about history, science,  astronomy; any question that pops into his head that he is curious about. Sometimes, he brings up topics in conversation that blow my mind. I'll ask him, "David, where'd you learn that?" His reply, "YouTube."

    I can't help but think what it was like when I was a kid in the 70's. All of my education came from going to school and my questions were answered with the Britannica Encyclopedia! My parents had a beautiful set in our family room. My next resource was the Public Library. Today, there's YouTube.


Friday, April 28, 2023





    The definition of xenophobe:

       1) a person who fears or hates foreigners, people from different cultures, or strangers. 

       2) a person who fears or dislikes the customs, dress, etc., of people who are culturally different

    I am stumped on letter x, so I thought I would educate myself on words that begin with letter "x."

    After doing a little reading, I was struck with the notion of what foreigners think of us Americans coming into their country. Consensus says foreigners see quite a few cultural quirks in Americans. I'll detail a few of those quirks:

    Foreigners can agree that Americans are generally friendly and easy to approach, but that they can also be a little too outgoing - offering too much personal information (especially after they've been drinking).  Isn't that true for everybody though, or maybe not?  I found that to be interesting...I guess we Americans are more of a free spirit.

    Foreigners also associate American with unhealthy food and oversized portions. They link America's fast food culture to poor health and and lack of small family farms.

    Americans say "awesome" all the time, while the British say. "Brilliant!" A man from England says that everything can't be that awe-inspiring all the time to call it awesome, as Americans do. 

    One foreigner claimed that Americans smile too much; claiming that smiles come to mean nothing because they are over used. How can a smile be over used? In my opinion, there aren't enough of them. A person from Finland says he assumes a stranger is drunk, off his rocker or from the United States when he or she smiles. This seems like a stretch, but nevertheless, that's what he said. A scientific explanation was offered: that emotional expressiveness is connected to diversity and America is among the most diverse countries in the world.

    Another observation from a foreigner: that one of the worst habits Americans have is emailing after work hours, according to some Europeans who think Americans don't stop working. The European states that, In Europe, people work from 9 to 5, and relax after that and don't like dealing with anything job related after 5 or on weekends. This observation could go in a few different directions.

    And last but not least, many people in Southern Europe, Greece, France and Italy, think Americans are arrogant and look down on people (according to Norwegian journalist Rene Zografos, author of "Attractive Unattractive Americans: How the World Sees America.") I haven't been to France, but know of a few people who have been,  and both felt unwelcomed in France and looked down upon. Just thought I would throw that in.

    This feels like more of a mini-research paper, but I enjoyed doing it. I think no matter what state or country we're in, we become a bit territorial and very curiously-leery about foreigners. It's human nature to  be wary of someone new; especially in our world today.

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Wednesday, April 26, 2023



                                        Old Fisherman's Wharf -  Monterey, California

     I took these photos from a restaurant at the Old Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey. We were there for a car club dinner. When we arrived, it was daylight. I enjoy taking pictures and could hardly wait for the sun to set so I could capture the lights from the harbor with my iPhone. 

    I recall going to the Wharf in Monterey as a little girl with my parents on a weekend.  My dad would always get a bowl of clam chowder and usually a little plastic cup of wine. We would stroll the wharf as he ate his soup.  It was always a happy day for me. I could always look forward to choosing something special from the souvenir shop, then an ice cream cone. At the entrance to the wharf, there was always "the man with the monkey." This was the icing on our day at the Wharf. The man would crank his music box, while the little monkey dressed in shorts, suspenders and a hat, would take a penny from your hand. I can't remember where he would put the penny after taking it from me...I was fascinated with this little monkey - cutest thing I ever saw for sure. I can still see him at this moment, like it was yesterday. 

    The monkey hasn't been at the wharf for several years now. I think I heard it was not politically correct to have him as a form of entertainment and source of income on the wharf. There was always a large circle of people around this monkey working the crowd. Now and then, he would get a dollar bill or two.

    Today, the Old Fisherman's Wharf is still thriving. You can buy fresh fish from the local fishermen, spend a few hours on a whale watching boat and end the day with a great meal. It's a great spot for people watching too. 

    I live on the other side of this bay. I'm thinking it's time for a drive and some clam chowder. 

Monday, April 24, 2023


                         The water fountain show at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada    

    I took this video on my birthday last October. There are over 1000 fountains in this water show, combined with lights and music. The water moves with the music. It's quite spectacular. There is an 8.5 acre man-made lake in front of the resort where the fountains shoot as high as 480 feet and have been entertaining tourists since 1998. 

    The Bellagio fountains is a Las Vegas landmark and a place of marriage proposals, selfies and even weddings. It is one activity and source of entertainment in Vegas that is free. It's especially nice to have a dinner reservation with a view of the fountains. The genres of music in which the fountains dance are diverse. During the winter months, you can expect to hear holiday music. 

    We never spend more than two nights in Las Vegas. We usually fly in for a show or concert, dinner, a little gambling and time for relaxation. That's plenty Las Vegas for me!  Enjoy the show.

Sunday, April 23, 2023

Uptown Girl (Official Video)


    This is one of those songs that tell a true story. It's a love story about Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley. I remember when I learned they were dating. I thought to myself, "What an odd couple!" After all, Christie Brinkley is an uptown girl, the face of Cover Girl as well as the cover of many high end fashion magazines. Then we have Billy Joel, as the song says "A back street guy," who once was a piano man playing in bars. To me, they seemed odd together like they didn't fit and yet they always looked happy together. Obviously, looks are deceiving because they divorced. I believe their daughter Alexa Ray is a singer-songwriter like her dad. Alexa's parents are still going strong with their new partners and families. Billy continues to make beautiful music and Christie continues to brighten up the page or screen with that beautiful smile of hers. Cheers to them both! 





    This is a trail around the corner from my home. It is one of many trails into the Forest of Nisene Marks. There used to be a sign up ahead that alerted hikers to the presence of lions and what to do and what not to do should you come across one. It took me a while to have the courage to start hiking here. The sign is gone now and I know the lions aren't. I also realize there is a very small chance I would come across one. I have not heard of anybody being approached by a lion in this forest. I do stay off the trail at dusk.                                                

                                                         A perfect Sunday afternoon

    I never noticed this bench before. There was a dedication emblem on the back rest. This would be a perfect place for meditation or a sack lunch.

                                                Hmm...which trail do you think I took?

                                                               Sweet little meadow

      I took the trail to the right and glad I did. I was all alone up to this point, so it was nice to come across some humans. They inspired me to invite my husband on my next trek.                                                                                        


                                                     Spring is here - time to get outdoors!


                                                                                                      I'm still not ready to write about...